Back-office and online booking software for rental karting
An ideal solution designed to increase the efficiency and transparency of your business operations
500K bookings
Number of online bookings and reservations created by users and operators through Avenda.
300 days
Time saved by operators who used Avenda instead of Excel to make bookings.
$46 500
Equivalent amount of money wasted on inefficient use of personnel time.
Totally cloud solution.
Without installation fee.
Convenient services for customers
Ensure that your customers have a positive experience of your business from the very first moment of making a booking.
Online booking
Customers can book sessions themselves using your website. Multiple users can make bookings simultaneously, without needing to wait for the response of a telephone operator. Your business can secure bookings even during off-hours.
Track availability
Encourage your customers to check track availability before calling. With the help of the track availability widget, your customers can choose the most suitable time for their visit.
Live timing
Live timing with availability from browser from any device including tablets and mobile phones.
Mobile app (Soon)
Book your sessions from the app faster — save your time on phone calls, book sessions from your mobile phone and choose the best time
for your visit.
Effective tools for associates
Our biggest advantage is our understanding of client needs. We work closely with clients to design a solution based on their goals and experience.
Back-office and CRM
Visual calendar of track availability by day, with a clear indicator of free and occupied slots by time and type of go-kart. New reservations can be made with two clicks. An unlimited number of users can access the database simultaneously from absolutely any device.
SMS marketing and notifications
Delivered from your chosen sender name. Direct integration with SMS providers (including the ability to use your existing provider)
at no extra cost.
Pit area display
All the essential information needed by staff at the release zone: number of booked cars, those that have paid or cancelled. Save time using precise and instant information exchange between reception and the release zone.
And last but not least...
Here are just some of the scenarios where Avenda can significantly reduce pressure on staff and make your work more comfortable than ever.
  • Choose dates for corporate events
    Linking a calendar to Excel does not imply multi-user and remote access. Instead, you can choose and confirm a mutually convenient date for corporate parties and other reservations by viewing the schedule in Avenda even from your mobile phone.
  • Printing tickets and receipts
    Receive payments, issue fiscal receipts and tickets in just three mouse clicks. We have simplified and integrated the most common booking operations to speed up your work.
  • Avoid overbooking the track
    Avenda keeps track of all bookings in real time. Customers and operators can make bookings simultaneously from any location, without worrying about overbooking the track. We developed a special temporary status for bookings that take up a necessary number of places during the registration process.
  • Change logging
    Avenda keeps a full log of any actions applied to bookings and reservations. You will never get this level of insight with Excel. The system always knows who changed a reservation, when and how. Such knowledge has been used in conjunction with CCTV footage during special investigations, helping managers to trace the precise actions of operators and to respond appropriately to incidents.
Our customers
  • Le Mans, Moscow
    Two karting centers in Moscow. Previously, the company used a single computer with Excel to make bookings. By transferring to Avenda, the company was able to decrease the workload on staff during peak hours. A substantial portion of bookings now comes directly through users of the website, further reducing the pressure on employees.
  • Karting Club Pro, Sochi
    A chain of karting centers in Sochi and Rosa Khutor. By using Avenda, the owner was able to organise a database of financial transactions at multiple venues and created opportunities to upscale the business.
  • Sibkart Motorsport, Novosibirsk
    Moving from a competitive solution to Avenda enabled the business to receive online bookings and keep records at the reception, without the risk of overbooked slots. The implementation for this venue included online payments via the website.
What our clients say
  • Before Avenda, we had an enormous Excel database that was accessible only by one main computer. It was obvious that we needed a CRM system, but the complex logic of our booking operations made it impossible to identify an existing solution that was suitable. Now we have Avenda – a full-fledged member of the team, which enables us to work from anywhere in the world, to keep track of what is happening, produce reports, maintain customer records and a multitude of other functionalities.

    I wish to express my gratitude for the many years of fruitful collaboration, and hope for the future development of the entire Avenda team!
    Yana Dzichkovskaya
    Le Mans karting club, Moscow
  • I personally and the entire go-kart center team are very grateful to our partners from Avenda! Your system combines a number of features that allow us to do our job better, and, most importantly, you can see the result in the eyes of satisfied visitors of our karting center. Indeed, it is really convenient to book and pay for a race for yourself and for friends, without getting up from the couch, directly from your mobile device, computer. The back-office of Avenda allowed us to optimize the work of the staff, which makes it possible to continuously and without delays serve a significantly larger flow of visitors. I would also like to note that the Avenda team does not stand still and is actively developing their project, constantly generating new ideas and implementing them in the shortest possible time, and also responds very quickly to our requests, our ideas, and wishes. I personally know the general director of Avenda, Eugene Getmanenko, and I want to tell him personally — Zhenya, thank you for your product, do not stop on what you have already achieved, because at the moment your system is the only one specialized for karting, and all go-karts in Russia need it, and possibly abroad!
    Eugene Kuklin
    CEO, Sibkart, Novosibirsk
  • A functional program that allows you to reduce the load from the reception staff.
    With a large number of customers during the pike hours, it is not always possible to pay enough attention to each person. With Avenda, the client can perform typical operations himself — register and make a booking, so we get more free time to communicate with customers.
    Yulia Ipatova
    Le Mans karting club, Moscow
  • Many thanks to the whole Avend team for the convenient multifunctional service.
    Alexey Borisov
    F1, Samara
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Pit area display
SMS messaging
Online booking
Track availability widget
€ 240
per month1
€ 0.15
per booking2
1 — per each active track added in the back-office.
2 — only bookings and reservations which were paid and used by the customer.
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